I Have Moved House – Please Be Patient!

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Hi all, just a quick post today to let you all know that me and my family have finally moved house. It was a long time in the making, and last weekend we finally managed to move to a beautiful suburb by the ocean. We even have ocean views now! ??

Problem is, as you might all be aware, the connections with telephone and Internet can take a while to be established, so right now I am without Internet access and I am writing this post whilst in my Bookkeeping class at school?(naughty!!!) ??

I wanted to ask you to be patient, I am not sure how long it will take to get it all organized, Telstra here (major phone company) can sometimes take its time…

By the way, in regards to healthy weight loss, our new house has 3 levels (garage, first floor and second floor), and I have lost nearly a kilo by just going up and down the stairs all the time!!! I love it… but I am puffed out when I have to go from the garage to the second floor. On the other hand, maybe I should build that into my daily routine – just run up and down the stairs a few times, I will be much healthier for it!

Whatever you do to lose some of these stubborn kilos, a little thing that you can do is build in extra exercise in your day by simply taking the stairs instead of the lift, or parking the car further away from where you want to go so you need to walk a bit further, or if you just need to go to the corner store not too far away, leave the car in the garage and take a walk… it all helps.

Talk soon!

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  1. congratulation for your new house, don’t forget to keep healty living.
    i waiting for your new weight loss articles
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  2. The elevator is out this week in my building so it looks like I’ll be exercising whether i like it or not ??

  3. A 3 level house will do wonders for your weight. I deliberately go up/down the stairs 5x each day just to get a bit more excerside in. You really feel it in your calves after a while.

  4. Going up and down the stairs a couple of times in a day surely helps in shedding few kilos. Although a part of daily routine, initially, this activity seems tad boring and exhaustive. However, gradually, you get accustomed to it. Once you realize that this is enabling weight loss, you get exhilarated!

  5. Oh staying in the new house will offer you plenty of options to stay fit. You can have my word when I say that household chores are as good as thronging to a gym. However, take care not to exert yourself much. You shouldn’t fall prey to body aches.

  6. Hi Petra, don’t worry we will be here waiting for you when your move is over and the final box unpacked ?? Internet and especially broadband access might take a little bit longer. Last time we moved it took me 2+weeks to get me fully back onnline ;-( Hope it is quicker for you. As for additional exercise, great idea, run up and down the steps AND carry something doing so really could do the trick! SY
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  7. Raj says:

    Congrats! for your new hut and all the best wishes best owed upon you.
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  8. Climbing the stairs is fantastic exercise. The large muscles in our legs and abs get put to use burning off those extra calories. For extra work, try taking them 2 at a time and focus on lifting those knees!
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  9. I am waiting for your return. Its nice to hear that you are now staying on a new home. God bless!

  10. I am glad to hear that you got a new happy home. When the house is big it is natural for the members to make that extra walk to get from one corner to another. This usually helps in keeping the body fit as you exercise while moving. Get a leg or body massage twice a month to get energized for this daily exercise. Keep walking !

  11. Many are not aware that house work is the best way of getting rid of those stubborn kilos. This exercise, though apparently dull does wonders to one’s system.

  12. Congratulations on the move – I am looking to get a house myself. Just little things make a difference, like you mentioned just walking up and down stairs more.

  13. Eugene says:

    I hope you enjoy living in your new house and keep up the healthy living style
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  14. Hi Petra – congrats on the move, hope your not too stressed (I HATE moving with a passion)….I know how hard it is to move into a new house and keep the blog updated regularly. Cool site by the way, just found it ??
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  15. the only thing I like about moving is when its all done

  16. It is better to synergize weight loss movements to your usual daily routines and common activities. So that you do some thing for extra benefits with out putting much effort into it and letting yourself worried about the added responsibilities. The same concept can also be utilized, while you focus on dietary plans as prescribed by your physicians. If not able to maintain the complete food chart then incorporate some easy making ideas to the regular food menu. For example if you comprehend, cooking multiple portion control dishes with prescribed vegetables is killing your much valuable time then carry some fresh fruits and green salads to your office in the lunch box. It will act as an alternative supplements as well as save your working hours.

  17. aetna says:

    well good luck with everything. I look forward to new posts

  18. Using stairs are certainly a good way too keep fit. I used to work in the 5th floor office and for a while I took the stairs in the morning and after lunch. I used to get pretty out of breath going up those 5 flights.

    It is amazing how just being more active helps you lose weight though. My brother quit his city job 3 years ago and became a delivery driver and has since lost a lot of weight. No diet and no exercise involved at all.
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  19. Congrats! for your new hut and all the best wishes best owed upon you.
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  20. Congrats on your new house! We also have three levels but I can’t say that I deliberately go up and down the stairs though lol Hmmmm … maybe I should seeing that you say you’ve lost a kilo!
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  21. If you dont mind, can you share the pics of your new house?
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  22. Congratulatins! I hope there will be more great weight loss tips and diet plans. I can’t believe that you’ve lost 1 killo by going upstairs and downstairs!
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  23. It is a great pleasure to hear that you moved to your new house. My house is located on beach side. I love it very much. can u share the pics?

  24. Lynn says:

    Congratulations Petra. Hope you are enjoying your life in your new home. Don’t forget to make a nice garden infront of your new house.
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  25. Congrats on the new house. Stay focused on the objective of healthy mind and healthy body.

  26. Where did you move to? Do you have a boat. I’m in NY and love the water. I am near the bay that accesses the ocean via a short boat ride. You house sound lovely.
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  27. Sphynx Cat says:

    Wow. As simple as that? Amazing. Our house has only one floor, unfortunately. Congratulations. =)

  28. Hello Petra, congratulations! hope you are happy now. is it a rent house or bought it?

  29. Stephen King says:

    Congratulations Petra, Hope all is well with the new house. Being disabled I kind of can’t use the stairs for exercise though its a shame. I could do with it ??

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Stephen, we love the new house – apart from having to trek up and down the stairs and having to clean them! ??

  30. Congratulations! Me and my family will be moving house next week so we have got all the joys that come with moving house to look forward to!
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  31. used tires says:

    Gosh, I would be suffering too without my internet connection! I Know I’ve been there Petra, I’ve moved quite a few times in the past 7 years, so it’s something I’ve had to cope with the off time of the internet and other necessities. To my biggest surprise though when I moved to New Mexico it only took 1 day for them to come out to install my Cable Internet for me. And everywhere else that I’ve moved to, it’s always taken at least one full week for them to do it.

    Till then,

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  32. I’m getting ready to move. I think if I moved into a house without wireless set-up I would explode! Hope it gets fixed soon!

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