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    2. I’m Over It!

      April 15, 2012 | By | 21 Replies More

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      I'm over it

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      Category: Fun

      Comments (21)

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      1. Charlenevans says:

        Cute little doggie! Hey! You’re over with what? With this little creature here? Uh oh..I love it!
        Charlenevans′s last blog post ..Surgical Gloves

      2. It is beautiful creature, sleeping in free style but I am failing to get the logic how you are over it?
        [email protected]′s last blog post ..Being a Sales Rep for Silpada Designs

        • Petra Weiss says:

          Well, that was just the phrase that came into my mind when I saw the picture…. it’s got nothing to do with me, even though I am kind of over dieting… ??

      3. Great pic! This dog is soooo CUUUTE…Looks like “he’s had enough!”. Thanks for putting it up!

        [email protected] to dance Salsa online′s last blog post ..Sweat, Blood and Ambition – With Anton Belyayev & Antoaneta Popova

      4. Cool little dog! My dog is doing about the same after the whole day running around the house!

      5. I’ve never seen a dog lay THIS flat on its back before, with its legs resting on the floor…
        [email protected] Crafts′s last blog post ..Hunger Games-manship: a Sculpey Clay Mockingjay

        • Petra Weiss says:

          Sonny, I am actually not sure whether this photo hasn’t been tampered with. Dogs really can’t lay their front legs like that, usually. Unless, because its a puppy, its still very flexible and has much greater movement in the joints…

      6. Jared says:

        Thank you fr sharing this cute photo..I love it..Thanks for sharing with us..
        Jared′s last blog post ..Avoriaz Skiing Information

      7. Is it a spaniel? hahahaha I love it!

      8. Perry says:

        It was pretty cute. I love the color and the hair. I never seen a dog sleeping like a man. Thanks that you’ve shared your site with us.
        Perry′s last blog post ..Trouble Getting Pregnant

      9. aurea says:

        Cute puppy! He is over with what? stress? Maybe he is relaxing after a long day of fun. He is so tired.

      10. Chucky says:

        Cute puppy. I never saw a dog lying as the puppy did. Amazing.
        Chucky′s last blog post ..Low Carb Diets That Work

      11. The dog looks cute! Thanks for sharing him! Well, I also own a similar dog & his name is Pat!

      12. Very classic picture Petra! I am now confused whether it is actually a portrait or a real dog?

      13. Is he just trying to relax or has the dog become lethargic… ?? Well, I think this would work for your weight loss too! ??

        • Petra Weiss says:

          I am actually not sure whether the image of this dog is enhanced or not – I have never seen a dog being able to put his front legs flat like this.

      14. Classy! It seems like a young chap just relaxing in the owner’s house! Initially it seemed me some portrait! Wonderful!

      15. Wow! Look at him! He is behaving like the king ?? Total lazy but still worthy! ??

      16. So relax photo of doggie enjoying his sleep. It looks so pretty how a cute pet enjoying a good sleep in house. Why are you over it? I am unable to understand the logic behind you is over it.

        • Petra Weiss says:

          Well – there is no logic behind it. I was just looking for a fitting phrase to put under the dog… ??

      17. Tomy says:

        Very great pic and the dog so cute, thank for sharing

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